The vintage look of the antique green finish of the CobraCo Lattice Steel Hose Holder creates a traditionally stylish container. This hose holder can hold up to a 125-feet garden hose, and when used as a decorative container, it can store many household items such as magazines, newspapers, potted plants and kindling. The antiqued styling and subtle lattice pattern makes the Lattice Steel Hose Holder at home in your living room, deck or garden. Center post guides hose for easy coiling and uncoiling. Remove center post for storage of other household items. The Lattice Steel Hose Holder will be an attractive addition to any room or backyard landscape. Accessorize your Lattice Steel Hose Holder with the Lattice Steel Hose Holder Lid (Model # LIDLATICE-AG).


Attractive container holds up to 125 feet of garden hose (lid sold separately).
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CobraCo Lattice Steel Hose Holder

Neatly and attractively store your garden hose with this CobraCo lattice steel hose holder. The stylish hose holder features an antique green finish over a subtly lattice patterned surface. With a diameter of 17 inches and a height of 11-1/2 inches, the vessel offers ample room for storage and can comfortably hold up to 125 feet of 5/8-inch garden hose. Constructed from durable steel, the decorative holder will instantly add functional charm to any outdoor decor.


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Can be used for potted plants.
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Removable Center Post

The CobraCo hose holder also features a removable center post, which makes it easy to use as a decorative container. Perfect for holding everything from firewood to magazines, the container offers exceptional convenience both inside and outdoors. The post detaches easily for using the decorative holder inside when the gardening season is over.

Wide Mouth

The wide mouth of the CobraCo hose holder makes it a breeze to coil and uncoil a garden hose when moving it in and out of storage. The extra room combined with the center post removed makes it useful for storing larger items like fire wood and magazines.

Drain Holes

The CobraCo hose holder features strategically positioned drain holes that allow for proper drainage of any water that remains in the hose, rainwater, or any other external moisture, especially if used without the lid (sold separately). The drain holes also help reduce the potential for any weather-related damage to the holder and to your hose, helping to ensure long-lasting high-quality performance.

Sturdy Construction

Made out of solid steel, the CobraCo hose holder will provide years of attractive, functional storage. The powder-coating provides an additional level of protection from the elements, and with a minimal amount of maintenance, the unit will keep its beauty and effectiveness for years to come.

Matching Lid

The CobraCo hose holder additionally has a matching lid (sold separately). Specifically designed to fit and match the hose holder, the lid provides an additional layer of protection for the contents of the holder, in addition to attractively storing them.

Product Features

  • Hose holder attractively stores up to 125 feet of 5/8-inch garden hose
  • Made of solid steel; antique green finish over a subtly lattice-patterned surface
  • Removable center post; wide mouth for easy access; drain holes
  • Can also be used indoors to store blankets, magazines, kindling, and more
  • Measures 17 inches in diameter by 11-1/2 inches high

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