Divine LEDs Grow Light

….. for the best growth of your plants!

4 Peaks of Wavelength

430, 460, 630 and 660 make up the 4 peaks of wavelength for the Divine LEDs grow-light. These wavelengths result in maximum chlorophyII A & B production. Unlike your typical fluorescent lights,no energy nor light is wasted from the Divine LEDs Grow Light, every single light emitted is fully absorbed by the plants.

Highly efficient, extremely powerful.

The Divine LEDs grow light has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Our light uses much less energy and produces less than your typical plant light. What’s even better is that it works on standard lights sockets so no special housing is needed.

Divine Heatsink Technology

If you don’t keep the heat off your plants, they could become seriously harmed. This is where the Divine Heatsink comes into play. By using military-grade materials, we’ve designed this bulb to produce as little as heat as possible. Even after 24 hours of continuous use, you will feel almost no heat coming out of your grow light. How cool is that?

Suitable for multiple uses

Your new grow light is suitable for all stages of growth. It is perfect for plant growth, flowering and even fruiting. It’s size makes it perfect for cloning and seeding lights as it is very compact – you are able to fit it in tight spaces.

Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED

Your satisfaction is our promise. If anything doesn’t go your way. We will give you a refund and on top of that make things right to you.

Product Features

  • Constructed with 12 Ultra Bright LEDs(3 blue & 9 red) this grow light is PERFECT when your plant needs an extra boost of light. Whether it is raining, snowing or there is simply no sun- you can rely on the Divine LEDs grow light to keep your plant lit up.
  • Your new light has low power consumption, HIGH service life and maximum brightness. The red lights in the bulb assists with photosynthesis making the process much more efficient. Perfect for blooming and fruits. The blue light is needed by the chlorophyll and carotenoid part of the bulb which also helps with photosynthesis and is great for the leaves.
  • The Divine LEDs growlight has been optimized to produce the most efficient wavelengths of light to produce peak photosynthesis performance whether you are growing plants in your garden or some fresh vegetables.
  • This light is a MUST-HAVE to promote the growth of your plant and you will see noticeable results within 2 weeks provided that you use the light everyday. There are no special lamps needed to operate your new grow light, the SETUP is idiot-proof and can be done in minutes!
  • We’ve used the Divine Heatsink technology to make sure that the bulb produces very little heat whilst outputting maximum performance. The Divine Heatsink also prevents any damage from happening to your plants. You can keep it on 24hrs a day without any noticeable heat.

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