The 5 foot ZipGrow tower is a vertical farming or gardening food producing machine! Capable of producing 5 pounds of sweet basil or 6 pounds of lettuce on a single tower, ZipGrow towers are the product of 10+ years of research in space-saving food production.

ZipGrow towers are easily integrated with either hydroponic or aquaponic systems and are easily taken live to market to be displayed in a Spring System for easy live selling.

Our ZipGrow towers are produced from high quality, food safe plastics produced right here in the USA.

This tower is hung by a removable hanger and includes our ZipGrowTM housing design and removable, reusable ZipGrowTM Matrix Media. This tower is simple to use and display and is perfect for high density vertical production of aquaponic or hydroponic strawberries, greens and herbs.

Product Features

  • Perfect for high density vertical production
  • 150 square feet of biological surface area
  • Integrates easily with redworms for better nutrient absorption
  • Simple to use and display

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