If you are familiar with hydroponics, yet find yourself overwhelmed by information that gives you neither clues nor directions on where to start...this book is really for you! For the uninitiated, or simply, the eager beginner or avid practitioner, worry not! This is also truly for you! Intended actually for everybody, the interesting subject of hydroponics helps you get your share of saving our environment and living worry-free while meriting food sustainability, harmonious coexistence with nature, and enjoying a new kind of gardening hobby! Through this book's helpful and informative presentation, you will primarily learn the art and technology of hydroponics for growing terrestrial plants, herbs, vegetables, and even crops in water! Soil is out of the picture! Completing its fundamental equation are the basic requirements of nutrient solutions, or water containing fertilizers, and the optional applications of any artificial growing media for purposes of holding the plant in place. More often than not, results sum up to stronger and healthier plants that grow quickly and produce abundantly! It may seem plainly odd, or too good to be true for you, or simply incredible! Yet, as it is truly the case, it is just indeed so simple. The book unveils the logical secret of hydroponics and its principle: when you provide a plant what it needs, when it needs it, in the exact amount that it needs, the plant will definitely be as healthy as it is genetically possible. This will be such a breeze with hydroponics, but in soil, this will be far more difficult and quite a heavy fix! Emerging from this delightfully helpful read will certainly gain you a comprehensive and better understanding of the basic concepts of hydroponic gardening, as it features: o a brief overview of its definition, history, working principles, and the benefits and advantages of hydroponics over soil gardening o the necessary technical information for your guidance and direction towards your indulgence of, and preparing you to dig deeper into, hydroponic gardening o describing the most common hydroponic gardening systems, which includes each of their pros and cons, system classifications, and general information about their compatibilities with the basic requirements of hydroponic plant growing such as, water, environmental conditions, growing media, potential Hydrogen (pH), and nutrients o providing you sensible reasons for perpetuating its beneficial practices towards responsible plant cultivation, gardening and social and environmental awareness o several applicable tips and time-tested techniques for the book's primordial objective to facilitate and initiate you towards creating your very first hydroponically grown plant; and eventually, your personal and fruitful hydroponic garden... and many more Everything you need to know is about to unfold on each folio until reaching the book's final canto, where you will bid adieu as a tyro, and deservingly emerge as a learned hydroponic gardening pro. Again, begin to enjoy growing your seeds of enthusiasm for a good read with the best of wishes that you will earn to learn something priceless!

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