<p>So many things in your life pile up– obligations, responsibilities, stress– wouldn't it be nice to watch the toppings on your pizza pile up instead? Grab your cheesy, crispy comfort faster at Peppino’s Neapolitan Express. Bring along this deal and receive $30 worth of unbeatable brick oven taste for just $15.</p>
<p>Peppino’s staff pours its collective heart and soul into a concept they believe in: “neo” Neapolitan pizza, blending the timeless thin-crust concept with the modern brick oven technique of New York pizzerias. From the moment you step up to order you're only 5-7 minutes away from a hot, fresh pie. Let Peppino’s create your masterpiece with the freshest ingredients they could get their mitts on, using zesty San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and hydroponic organic basil fast fired in their 700-degree brick oven that cooks ‘em crisp in just 180 seconds. Get a house specialty pie or start with a base pie like Marinara or Bianco, then add your toppings. And who could forget about our full line of craft beers on tap with flights available, appetizers, salads, homemade soups daily, and a full coffee and dessert menu including hot stuffed artisan sandwich melts which also make mouths within radius water, as does the rest of the awesome menu. Dine in today!</p>

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