22W LED Grow Light Application:
LED Growth Light is widely used in farming, plant cultivation room, vegetable greenhouses, indoor flowers, nursery garden, greenhouse, window display and plant cultivation which needs supplementary light. Especially in winter when the sun time is short and luminous efficacy is low, using LED Growth Light can promote the growth of plants, guarantee the blooming of flowers and accelerating chlorophyll in plants to absorb carbon dioxide, water and other nutrients, achieving carbohydrate synthesis. The modern science makes plants grow better in the absence of the sun. The creation of artificial light also allows plants to photosynthesize. Scientists found that the blue and red lights are very close to the efficiency curve of plant photosynthesis so that they are the best source for plant growth..

Light wave effect on plant growth:
280~315nm Minimal effect on Morphological and physiological processes.
315~400nm (Violet) chlorophyll of absorption less, influencing light cycle effect, prevent stem elongation.
400~520nm (Blue) chlorophyll and carotenoid absorption maximum, greatest effect on photosynthesis.
520~610nm (Green) pigment absorption rate is low.
610~720nm (Red) chlorophyll absorption rate is low that significantly affects photosynthesis and photoperiod.
720~1000nm IR infrared absorption rate is low, prevent cell elongation, affect flowering and seed germination.
1000nm converted into heat.
8000~14000nm Far Infrared.

Led Color: Red & Blue.
Led Spectrum: Red(660nm 6pcs; 630nm 3pcs); Blue(460nm 3pcs)
Power: 22W, 12 pieces 3W LED
Socket type: E27
Input Voltage: AC85~265V
Suggested Irradiated Distance: 1.7ft-5ft
Irradiated area: 2.6-15 square feet.

Product Features

  • The effect is quite significant, growing 3 times faster than the natural growth of plant. it help plants boost of photosynthesis at dark indoor and basement ect.
  • The best proportion of red and blue of LED Growth Light is from 4: 1 to 9: 1 in general. When the LED Grow Light supplements light to the plant, the general height is about 1.7ft from the blade. Continual 10 hours per day light exposure can completely replace the sunlight.
  • The plant photosynthesis requires light wavelength 400-700nm, among which 400-500nm (blue) light and 610-720nm (red) make the greatest contribution to photosynthesis. Blue (460nm) and red (660nm) of the LED provide the exact light for plants. Blue light promote leaves growth and red light accelerates blooming and bearing fruit and extend the flowering period. Therefore, the ideal option of LED Grow Light it to combine two or more colors. The visible color of red and blue is pink.
  • 6pcs 660nm LED, 3pcs 630nm LED, 3pcs 460nm LED, The light wavelength totally absorbed by the plants photosynthesis. This LED grow light with long lifespan. Enhanced passive cooling system allows for reduced junction temperature, even 24 hours a day.
  • LED Growth Light offers a solution to the lack of sunlight in winter in greenhouses and promotes chlorophyll, anthocyanins and carotenoids which is needed in photosynthesis. It saves the harvest time 20%, increases the production of fruits and vegetables 3-5% and also highly raises the sweetness of fruits and vegetables.

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