Teaching a child to plant in a fun and enjoyable way. Top quality material. Increases the fine motor skills. A comfortable child zipper in center. Constructed with heavy duty powder-coated steel shelving. Strong yet fine designed cover material. It will let the warm sun get into his plantings but keep those pesky bugs out. Easy Hook and loop connection vs. ties ensures you with easier assembly and long lasting durability. Comes with special designed J hooks to keep all those planting tools neatly in place. Kid friendly zipper on top offers constant air circulation. It will let the fresh outdoor air get into their plantings. Enables you to have full supervision on your childs planting progress. Involves children in the process of growing and planting by transforming it into a fun, interactive and easy hobby. Have the planting experience in the comfort of own garden. 77 in. L x 56 in. W x 56 in. H “My First Greenhouse” – The solution for hands-on fun and education. Kids are never too young to start learning about nature and the environment around them. One interactive way to help kids feel like they have a hand in nature is to treat them with this new Ogrow original and exclusive Twin Wall Kiddie Greenhouse. In just a little time, you will have a house full of gardeners on your hands. Let them cherish their own private spot, their accomplishments, and most of all their own kiddie greenhouse!

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