Overview and Benefits: We only select seeds that are tested for maximum growth, flavor, color, and yield Non-GMO. No herbicides. No pesticides. 100-Percent Germination Guarantee – if a Seed Pod doesn’t germinate, we’ll replace it for free Our pre-seeded pods are created from pure Canadian Sphagnum Peat and provide soil-free, no-mess, indoor growing all year round. Every seed variety we offer is specially selected after lengthy trials and are proven to offer the highest quality yields, the best flavor, and the maximum color and beauty for your indoor garden.

Product Features

  • The Flower Lover’s Seed Pod Kit contains 14 different flowering Seed Pods giving you a gorgeous selection of blooms and a variety of colors, including our best blooming mini petunias, colorful zinnias, and fragrant lavender, to name just a few.
  • This 14 Pod Seed Kit provides two seasons of growth in a 6/7 pod AeroGarden and four seasons of growth in a 3 pod AeroGarden.
  • Calendula, Dianthus (2), Gazania, Gypsophila, Lavender
  • Marigold (Rust/Orange), Marigold (Yellow/Orange), Petunia (Cascading), Petunia (Mini)
  • Snapdragon (Dark Purple), Snapdragon (Pink), Zinnia (Pink/White/Yellow), and Zinnia (Red/Yellow)

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