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  • Vegetable container gardening is the art of growing vegetables unconventionally in vessels like pots, window boxes (that leave you thinking how can someone take care of all that) and those raised garden beds that leave you wishing you had a lawn too.
  • The idea to write this book began when I was greeted with blank stares whenever I would strike up the words ‘Container Gardening’ during a much heated conversation on salads.
  • Though the idea stemmed from a bunch of health conscious at-the-verge-of-anorexia ladies, the practice is widely used by many who just want to reap the fruit or in this case the ‘vegetable’ of their efforts. You are getting fresh organic veggies at home without having to dig a garden in your apartment; how can anyone not want to try that out?!
  • Vegetable Container Gardening allows one to be self-sufficient by growing your own food. I doubt vegetable gardeners would have experienced what it feels like not having to go to the grocers for a fresh handful of each veggie that you think you might need in the next 48 hours and hoping you will use it. Maybe that is going too far because I have been growing my own veggies for as long as I can remember, and no, not forever. I had a friend who helped me kick start the whole ‘grow your vegetables at home, it will be fun trust me’- sort of thing and well it got to the point that I found it too convenient to stop.
  • Starting out is the best part, and no don’t worry about being a plant killer if you honestly want to try out the whole gardening thing for sure because unlike certain botanical practices that need expert knowledge, vegetable container gardening is child’s play; which brings me to the explanation of why I get so excited to do it.

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