<p>The words palate and plate have much in common, starting with an affinity for the same letters and a shared aptitude to support your appetite. Practice the time honored traditions of the fork-to-mouth arts at Forklift & Palate, where you'll nosh $30 worth of fresh, flavorsome all-American fare for $15. </p>
<p>A repurposed industrial warehouse makes a rich backdrop for modernity in this Lancaster County eatery. Inside Fork & Palate, a full bar, lounge and atrium spaces accent the restaurant's ambiance, and a menu focused on American comfort food fare with a unique twist takes the typical to tasty new heights. Foray into a new day at breakfast time with a Fork Omelet with bacon, Amish farmer's cheese, slow roasted tomatoes and avocado or begin brunch with a Sweet Crisp Salad with hydroponic lettuce, raspberries, goat cheese, toasted almonds and raspberry vinaigrette. Lunch and dinner bring mouthwatering additions like the Fork Burger, Pastrami & Rye, sizzling Sautéed Rock Shrimp and Battered Chicken Wings with smoky tomato aioli, but entrees here warrant their own attention, too. Lancaster Beef Tenderloin  as well as Atlantic Salmon and Bell & Evans airline chicken breast beg to be bitten alongside other tender tastes. Treat your senses to a new experience in the heart of home––take them straight to Fork & Palate.</p>

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