Grow 50 plants vertically with the only vermicomposting container! The patented award-winning Garden Tower 2 grows plants vertically enabling you to grow 50 plants or more in just 4-square feet – making it the ultimate space-saving gardening container! The new design easily rotates 360 degrees for optimal lighting and convenient watering. At the heart of each Garden Tower 2 is a perforated compost column that allows for vermicomposting. With the simple addition of redworms ordinary kitchen scraps convert to nourishing organic fertilizer–making the Garden Tower 2 self-fertilizing. A nutrient collection drawer also allows you to harvest compost "tea" (finished compost and worm castings) for easy recycling to the top of the Garden Tower to further increase soil fertility. See your vegetables thrive as the potting blend grows richer naturally over time. The Garden Tower also supports a much wider variety of large vegetables that cannot be grown in other container-type gardens including cabbages broccoli squash zucchini cucumber and melons. With supplemental lighting the Garden Tower 2 can even be used indoors.


  • The rotating Garden Tower 2 is a composter that grows 50 plants in 4 square feet nearly anywhere
  • Turns waste kitchen scraps to fertilizer. Organic waste to organic food!
  • Easily grow nearly any vegetables herbs or flowers.
  • 6 Levels Measures 25" wide by 44" tall when assembled.
  • An organic 6 cu. ft. vertical soil-based alternative to expensive and difficult hydroponic systems.
  • The entire body rotates with one hand for access and light management.
  • 100% UV Stable FOOD GRADE USA HDPE plastic.
  • Dimension – 23 x 23 x 25 in.
  • Item weight – 34 lbs.

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