Don’t lose any of your precious light! Our premium 2 millimeter thick Reflective Mylar Film keeps the light shining on your plants evenly, just the way they like it! Reflective Mylar Film is durable, puncture and tear resistant. Easily attach to any surface in your grow area including walls, ceilings, pots, poles and more to spread your light uniformly reducing “hotspots” which can harm plants. Product Features: – 95% reflective – Excellent light blocking capabilities. – Reduces “hotspots” by spreading your light evenly. – Tear Resistant – Can be tacked, stapled or taped directly to a flat surface. – Both sides are metallized for optimum reflectivity. – Neatly wound on 2″ cores. – Individually poly-bagged and labelled. – Makes the most efficient use of your lighting by reflecting light onto your plants – Reflective metaled film is the best reflective material made mirror-like efficiency!

Product Features

  • 2 Mil Thick
  • 48″ Wide, 100′ Long
  • 100% Light Tight
  • Metalized on both sides
  • Durable – Puncture/Tear Resistant

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