Instant Container Gardens covers a revolutionary, new container garden system that will completely transform your garden. The basis for the system is a unique type of container that has holes in the sides that are large enough to accommodate mature plants. Planting through these holes, along with planting the top of the basket, yield instant, fabulous results. And it is easy! Most of the containers in this book were planted by beginners! The containers are available as hanging baskets, window boxes, wall pots, and dramatic, new baskets on columns. The book includes 33 container profiles that were personally grown by the author. Each profile includes complete planting and maintenance instructions. Step-by-step illustrated demonstrations, along with lots of practical planting and maintenance information, make designing and growing plants in these containers quick and easy. The author planted over 10,000 plants in the course of researching the material for the book. She recommends 34 of the top choices, with detailed growing instructions for each. Before and after photos show complete makeovers of the front of a house, a porch, front walkway, and porch. Learn how to transform your home in as little as a few hours with this unique, new container system.

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