Turn your gardening time into happy hour with this guide to grow-your-own ingredients for drinks!Whether you''re a homebrewer, wine-maker, or cocktail enthusiast, it''s fun to make something that everyone in your life can gather around and enjoy. The joys and rewards of your garden can be extended to your table very easily. There''s a certain satisfaction in cooking with your first carrot, grabbing a fresh handful of cilantro from a balcony container garden, or making sauce with your first homegrown tomatoes. But while there are many books on growing food, there hasn''t been a guide for growing those precious fruits, vegetables and herbs, that you and yours can use in another way: to craft delicious drinks.From Garden to Glass shows you the exciting world of gardens and plants that can be used for fermentation and for cocktails. Learn how to tell if your yard is an ideal pasture for malts and hops or whether it''s better suited to a fragrant collection of herbs and fruits. Have just a balcony or a windowsill? No problem! A variety of garden plans and plant recommendations will suit gardeners of all types – even ones with limited space.

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