H Potter Wardian Display Case Glass and Metal Terrarium. Typically used for miniature plants, but also make a lovely display case or keepsake box. Top is all glass, tray is metal with ball feet. Perfect size for desk or end table. Planting your terrarium Start with a layer of pebbles and mix in a handful of charcoal chips, spread this mixture evenly on the bottom of your tray. Next add a layer sphagnum moss followed by a layer of soil to nearly fill your tray. Make small holes where you wish to insert your plants. If your plant has a root ball larger than the depth of your tray gently tease out the roots horizontally. Once you insert your plants into the little holes, bury the roots and tamp the soil to help remove air pockets. Water very lightly as your terrarium will be recycling its own water and you don’t want waterlogged soil. If you are using moss: Moss Transplanting Techniques #1 To bring your moss back to life, soak each section of moss by hand in a bowl or even on a place on a rimmed cookie sheet and cover with water until saturated. #2 After about a minute the moss will become more pliable and easy to work with, (leaving it to absorb more water for a longer time period is fine). #3 Arrange you plants in the soil as desired #4 Place each moss section on the terrarium soil around your plants and firmly press or tamp the moss into the soil with your hand to ensure there are no air pockets underneath. Place the glass top on your terrarium, sit back and relax. What you place inside your terrarium is entirely a matter of personal taste. Do you prefer a green oasis? Do you enjoy the mystic of a fairy garden? Or perhaps exotic orchids are your fancy? The choices are endless. Your imagination is the only limit. You will want to place your new terrarium in a room with sunlight, but not directly by the window. If you notice your Wardian Case steaming up, just pop open the roof and vent a little, your eco-system just has a little too much water.

Product Features

  • H Potter glass terrarium. Create a miniature fairy garden or use for garden herbs.
  • Base is metal with a dark gray powder coat finish, ball feet, and plastic liner.
  • Enclosed to use as a terrarium with hinged roof panel for ventilation.
  • Approximately: 9 inches L x 5.75 inches W x 8.75 inches H
  • If ordering H Potter’s terrarium kit please choose a Small size. Perfect gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Birthday. Find terrarium planting instructions below under the product description.

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