Amazingly Simple The AeroGarden Bounty Elite assembles in just minutes without tools and comes with everything you need to start growing. Planting is fun and easy- just insert the pre-seeded pods in your garden, add water and the Specially Formulated Liquid Plant Food. Most plants germinate within 7-14 days, are ready for harvesting in 4-6 weeks, and will keep producing continuous harvests for up to 6 months and longer. Indoor gardening can’t get any tastier or simpler!

Product Features

  • With room for 9 plants and 45 Watts of LED Lighting, the AeroGarden Bounty Elite is the largest and most powerful AeroGarden to date and it has an elegant stainless steel finish.
  • It comes with a Gourmet Herbs Seed Kit and bonus Cherry Tomato Kit that will deliver fresh, flavorful herbs and tomatoes right at your fingertips.
  • The AeroGarden Bounty Elite sets up in minutes. Just insert the Seed Pods in your garden, add water and plant food, and then watch it grow!
  • Everything you need to start growing is included and it’s as easy as 1-2-3! Now you can garden indoors, year ’round and it’s Guaranteed to Grow!
  • Includes: A 9-Pod garden, 45 Watt LED lighting system, 24″ of growing height, a Cherry Tomato Kit and a 9-Pod Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit with Genovese Basil (2), Thai Basil (1), Cilantro (1), Mint (1), Curley Parsley (1), Chives (1), Italian Parsley (1) and Dill (1)

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