The AquaVertica 5 ft tower was designed for hobby aquaponic, hydroponic and even soil gardeners who want to grow a ton of plants in a very small space. This compact tower holds up to 14 plants, is hung by an attractive cord and hook system and features the patent pending AquaVertica housing design and removable, reusable AquaPouch Grow bags. Easily handled, this tower is simple to plant and harvest from, and is perfect for high density vertical production of aquaponic, hydroponic or soil-grown strawberries, greens and herbs.

Product Features

  • Grow Up to 14 Plants in Only 5 Feet!
  • Perfect for high density, vertical production strawberries, greens and herbs.
  • Works equally well in of aquaponic, hydroponic or soil gardens
  • Includes 14 grow bags, 14 collars, drainage sock, hanging cord & s-hooks

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