Imagine having fresh vegetables at your fingertips all year round- making a pot of tea with organic mint, sprinkling some pungent oregano on top of your pasta and adding juicy tomato to your salad. These all can be easily achieved with Fresco Indoor Gardening kit. Our hydroponic set will bring mother nature to your home and freshness to your dining table. No green thumb required!


Adjustable height of LED light lamp

Controllable light shine

Smart self-watering system

Dual hydroponic and soil based plant growing

Could be used as soil free growing system

Drilled holes for plant supporting sticks

Maintenance for hydroponic usage:

1. Lift the base lid and take out the air system tube inside the watering container.

2. Remove watering hole cover and fill the base with water to the bottom line of watering hole.

3. Soak white germination sponge cubes; place seeds and push sponge approximately 0.3 ” into the hole. Then close the top and have seeds covered during early germination.

4. Uncover the lid, turn on and adjust a lamp for convenient height and lower shine. Small plants needs between 12-14 hours of light per day.

5. When plants grow first pair of leaves, add liquid plant food into water container.

6. Keep water container full and turn on the light lamp every day. Check water level at least once a week.

You will see how fast plants are growing!

Product Features

  • Measures 7.9 x 7.9 x12.2 inches and weights 1.6 lbs; contains 5 herb seed pots, input DC12V, 13.5 Watt. Easy to assemble, use and maintain
  • 100% organic harvests in your home – Grow fresh vegetables, herbs, beautiful flowers and more, no chemicals are needed! Plants grow from Fresco Planter are Non-GMO no herbicides no pesticides
  • Low energy LED Growing Light lamp – Exclusively developed efficient growing lamp and built-in oxygen equipment provide an ideal environment for plants to thrive
  • Double growing technology use – Unique water / soil tillage dual-use design developed for growing a wide range of greens
  • Great decoration anywhere – For your home, office, restaurant, and school; create your own little garden all year round, brings light and freshness to your dining table

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