Astia is a well-bred French
bush zucchini variety, developed
especially for container
growing and planting in small
space gardens. These non-rambling,
compact squash vines
are also highly ornamental
with big silvery-green, deeply
indented leaves. Early bearing
and productive, Astia bears
abundant zucchini near the
base of the plant where they
are easy to harvest. These
uniformly smooth, lustrous,
glossy-green zucchini have
excellent flavor and are
delicious whether roasted,
saut?ed, steamed or baked.

Product Features

  • French Bush-Variety Zucchini
  • Bred for Containers and Small-Space Gardaanes
  • Non-Rambling, Compact Vines
  • Ornamental, Early-Bearing and Productive
  • Exclusive to Renee’s Garden

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