Snap Clamps are used to attach tarps, shade cloth, netting, or other material to pipe. Some applications include greenhouses, row covers, shelters, bird protection, dog beds, and quilting frames.

Two types of clamps are available, both made out of ABS: an HD snap clamp for long term use and an EZ snap clamp for light duty, or frequent use on and off. ABS clamps have a higher temperature resistance compared to a PVC snap clamp, allowing it to keep it’s gripping power for a long time. Snap Clamps are heat sensitive and may lose gripping strength if exposed to temperatures greater than 140 degrees F.

Clamp size is based on the inside diameter of the PVC pipe it clips on. When used on conduit, poly pipe, or other pipe measured by outside dimensions, use 1/4″ smaller Snap Clamp (i.e. 1″ poly pipe would take a 3/4″ Snap Clamp).

Product Features

  • EZ snap clamps, for frequent use (use HD clamps for long term use)
  • ABS clamps have higher temperature resistance and gripping strength
  • Compatible with any type of pipe, including PVC (see description for sizing)
  • Excellent for building greenhouses, row covers, shelters, quilting frames and more
  • Holds material on tubular frame

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