Sweetie Baby is a brand new
baby romaine bred to be
compact, juicy and delicious.
The pretty green leaves grow
in perfect 6 to 8 inch tall
vase-shaped heads that are
heavy for their size with a
wonderful sweet flavor and
crisp, crunchy texture. In the
garden, Sweetie Baby lettuce
is long-lasting, slow to bolt
and heat tolerant. This handsome
and appetizing little
romaine is ideal for growing
in containers or small space
gardens. Perfect for individual
salads or for sandwiches.

Product Features

  • Baby Romaine Bred to be Compact, Juicy and Delicious
  • Petite Vase-Shaped Heads Grow 6 to 8 inches Tall
  • Wonderful Sweet Flavor
  • Perfect for Salads and Sandwiches
  • Long-Lasting, Slow Bolting, Heat Tolerant.

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